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Looking for a expert food affair to complement your special occasion. Look no further! Redtag Caterers provide a sumptuous food itinerary to fulfill your each and every catering need. Be it a large, mid or small sized event, our full-range of outdoor

Intimate Gatherings

House Parties Birthdays Baby Showers Seven-course Sit Down Meals Kid’s Parties with kid-friendly menus

Wedding Event

Bridal Showers Mehendi Cocktail Parties Pool Parties Bachelorette Parties

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Corporate Events

Business Meets Office Celebrations Retail Events Ad Film Shoots

Media Events

Store launches Collection/Book Launches Press meets PR Events

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Best scrumptious and sustainable food for many years City of panchkula ,pinjore, Kalka and Zirakpur .

Red tag Catering have been creating stylish, scrumptious and sustainable food for many years City of panchkula ,pinjore, Kalka and Zirakpur . At Red tag Catering, we ensure the food quality is the best, as it can make or break any event. All our dishes are prepared skillfully and presented artfully so that they look the part as well as tasting exquisite. All of our food is freshly made on the day of your order and delivered. We operate 7 days a week.Whether you’re looking for a buffet, a selection of canopies, a 12 course meal,
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by Admin, 5th August, 2020

5th August, 2020

Govt. authorised catering service in panchkula

Not only have I been doing this for a long time, but being married myself, I know from personal experience just how much thought, work and time it takes to plan your perfect day – and how much every tiny detail really does matter. The whole pro...

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Red Tag Caterers, Govt. authorised catering service in panchkula and Pinjore,  hi-class catering service in panchkula, Top caterer in panchkula, experienced catering company in panchkula
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Govt. authorised catering service in panchkula

After a happy and very rewarding career in Hospitality & Events, and with encouragement from previous clients, Dharambir Chaudhary decided to branch out to pursue her love of wedding planning full time, helping couples to have their perfect day. ...

5th August, 2020

Experience in hospitality and catering in panchkula, pinjore and zirakpur

With over 14 years experience in Hospitality & catering , Dharambir Chaudhary has planned & managed many weddings & special occasions. He has a wealth of experience & knowledge in hospitality, and has worked for highly prestigious co...

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